See if you are cut out for this or not!

1. Why do you want to start a sportswear brand?

2. Do you have what it takes? Do you have passion, ambition, and determination?

3. Do you take action when you have an idea or are you just a dreamer?

4. Does making decision come easy and quick to you?

5. Are you good at planning and organizing?

6. How will starting a brand affect your family and friends?

7. How well do you cope with stress and long working hours?

8. Are you OK with working by yourself or do you need a partner?

9. Do you have the self-discipline needed?

10. Do you have an interest in the field you want to position your brand in?

11. Who is your ideal customer?

12. Do you have something unique to offer?

13. What problem does your product/brand solve?

14. What does your product do for your customer?

15. Have you done thorough market research in order to find your niche?

16. Have you spoken to potential customers to see if there is a need for your intended brand/product?

17. What price segment will your brand fall into?

18. Who will be your 3 main competitors?

19. Why should the customers buy your products instead of your competitors?

20. What type of legal structure will your business have?

21. How much money do you need and where will you get it, to get started?

22. How will you handle financial insecurity?

23. Do you have the experience needed? If not, what external help do you need? Who do you want in your team?

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