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A Jack Of All Trades is someone who is decent at everything, but not especially adapt at any one thing according to the Urban Dictionary.

In the article Who Do You Need On Your Team? 17 Roles To Fill we mentioned that you will probably have to take on several roles when starting your brand. There are advantages of being in charge of many areas of your business. Here we list 7 positive reasons to be a jack of all trades for your brand.

1 Full control

Working with all areas of your business gives you a better understanding of the entire process. You see clearer how different parts interact, and you make sure your business runs more efficiently. It also means you are in full control of your processes. You know exactly what is going on at every given moment, making it easier for you to project manage.

2 Avoid bullshit

You know what needs to be done in all areas and what it takes to do it. No one can bullshit your or give lame excuses. You are on top of things.

3 Time is money

You do what needs to be done NOW! Never lose time and wait for someone else to do it. Time is money. Involving other people can mean longer lead times for communicating, briefing, and differences in working.

4 No dependency

If you have many suppliers and people doing work for you, you become very dependent on their time and skills. Loosing your best people can affect your business and time plan dramatically. By knowing and doing more things yourself, you are less dependent on other people.

5 Know your needs

When you understand all areas of your business and all tasks involved, you know what it takes to get them done. You can make a more accurate project plan and balance the workload better.

6 Understand the skills

Understanding all parts of your business and what is required in detail will help you when the time for expansion arrives. When you search for competence you know exactly what to look for and what skills are needed. Writing a working description will certainly be easier.

7 Fun

You will have to dig deep and learn more about all aspects of your business. Developing you skills and evolving in all areas will make you a better entrepreneur, human being and leader.

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